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At Bil-Jac, we are dedicated to making high-quality food that your dog enjoys eating. We want your dog to be healthy and happy! Let us know how your dog is doing on Bil-Jac Frozen Dog Food and Cool Jac's Frozen Dog Treats.

You can email us, contact us on Facebook or Twitter, or send us snail mail. We love it when you call us too! Here's what our customers tell us about Bil-Jac. And keep your feedback coming!

Boxer's Coat is Lush - 4 Month Old Puppy Loves Frozen!

I just have to let you know how wonderful your dog food is! We have a 4-month old boxer named Madison and she loves it!!! I have never seen a dog eat the way she does when I put it down in front of her. Our breeder recommended it and we stuck with it. I love the fact that I don't have to change foods as she grows. She can eat Frozen Bil·Jac from Puppy to Adult. Plus her coat is beautiful. Everywhere we take her people are constantly asking us what we feed her, she looks great!

  • The K. Family (and Madison)

20 Years Using Bil·Jac

We have used Bil·Jac for about 20 years now, and through 4 different pets. We have always been extremely happy with their appearance and over-all good health. Our most recent experience with your food has been unbelievable.

Although we have had great luck with all our dogs, I noticed that Molly, as a puppy was extremely different if we fed her anything else. There was a short period of time when we were out of Bil·Jac and because of the drive we used a popular brand that we could buy at the local store. I never got the to bottom of the bag!

  • The B. Family

Best Premium Food

I don't very often find a product that inspires me to write a note of thanks. This is one of those rare occasions.

I bought my first supply of Bil·Jac in the early `80's when I had a Doberman who was suffering with a skin disorder. My vet in Cincinnati recommended I try your food after several medical options proved fruitless. Fritz responded almost immediately. He ate Bil·Jac exclusively till his death 9 years later.

After the loss of Fritz, we purchased a male Rottweiler. His breeder in Indiana again recommended Bil·Jac. Eighteen months later we got a female Rotty from the same breeder. Both dogs were fed only Bil·Jac. After our move to NC we had a more difficult time finding a Bil·Jac supplier. When we did, my dogs were very grateful!!!

Fritzie and Sophie died within a year of each other, at 12 and 10, respectively. Pretty old for the breed. I give credit to Bil·Jac for keeping them healthy, happy and active their entire lives.

We now have a 6-month-old female Rotty. I plan to feed her nothing but Bil·Jac. Your product is without a doubt the best of all the premium dog foods on the market. Please keep up the good work!

  • The H. Family


Shouldn't his food be special, too?

We know how special our best friends are in our lives. We want to feed them the best food possible, food that's nutritious and tastes great. Proudly made in the U.S.A.! We created Bil-Jac Frozen Dog Food to deliver that high quality standard.

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Difficult Dog to Feed

I am writing to thank you for Bil·Jac dog food! I own a 2 year old Shih-tzu female dog and was extremely frustrated trying every dog food on the market! She would eat the food ONCE and then turn her nose up at it.

Then I remembered Bil·Jac and bought it. She loves it! Thank you again. Without your product, I don't know what I would be feeding my dog.

  • A faithful customer - Mrs. F.

Collie Clan Thrives

We had been feeding Frozen Bil·Jac for years. When we moved we could not conveniently get your food for our Collie clan of retired and active show dogs and had to switch to other "premium" dog food. After the move and the switch, our Collies began to experience skin & coat problems so bad we were unable to show some of our Collies. We thought it was allergies to some new plant life around the house. We spent a fortune on vet bills and drugs with no improvements.

When we found Bil·Jac again we renewed feeding it. Within two weeks we saw our lovely Collies again come back in full bloom. Their coats became shiny and the scratching and itching stopped completely. They were no longer acting hungry all the time, and we saw pure true black coat color on our tri's and blues' with no reddish hints. The return to Bil·Jac had miraculous results. Since that time, we have recommended changing to Bil·Jac to friends and even perfect strangers, and each person that continued the Bil·Jac for at least 2-3 weeks reported remarkable results on their skin & coat problems. Many dogs that had been taking cortisone and steroids and other dangerous drugs were able to stop them completely.

I'll never have dogs without Bil·Jac again.

  • K.D.